The Big Question

How long will it take to record my album/EP/single?

The actual tracking is more based on your preparedness. We know the process, and have it streamlined. If you are a singer/songwriter, we may be able to get the tracking done in a day, and the mixing in one or two. If you are a full band including drums, you’re probably looking at 1-2 weeks on a pro level and 1-2 days for a demo level. If you are a singer that is solid, you can probably get an album in a day. If you need some editing and tuning, probably 2-3 days.

Overall, the more prepared you are, the less time it will take to record. If you get everything in the first few takes, we’ll cruise through it. If we have to record you playing the same part over and over again for a few minutes to get one or two good measures, buckle up. It’ll take a while. Fit your budget accordingly!

Here are the rest of the bullet points without the lengthy questions attached:

  1. Most work is hourly. However, we will do project rates with big or lengthy projects. Contact us if you have questions!
  2. You can purchase studio time for friends, family, or your pet. We don’t judge. The studio is pet free, but we have enough cable for them to bark or meow from outside the studio door. Yes, this has been asked.
  3. The clock starts from your booked time, not from when you arrive. If you are late, we will enjoy getting paid to watch cat videos on Facebook.
  4. A deposit of 50% down is required to be put on the calendar. If you do not put a deposit down, we may or may not remember. It would suck to get here and we weren’t here to let you in. The remaining balance is required before audio leaves the location. We trust you. Except that band that used the unfinished mp3’s to sell an album instead of paying their bill for the quality version.
  5. Cancellation is understandable, with reasonable time to fill your booked slot. More than two weeks you get 100% of your deposit back. At one week, you get 50% back. Less than this and we will reapply the deposit to a later booking date.
  6. We are happy to give you a tour and discuss your project! Contact us for availability.
  7. Yes, we work weekends. Most musicians have jobs. Well, some do. Therefore we accommodate.
  8. We have gear of high quality that you may use if yours is not of high caliber. Frankly, you may also use it if yours is high quality, but you like our Mesa better. It’s okay. Many do.
  9. Yes, we can help you with accompaniment. We’ve had singer/songwriters in which we wrote and tracked their drum and bass tracks. Others adding a lead guitar. If you have needs, just ask!
  10. We don’t make beats in house, but we do have some high quality writers we work with. If you know what you want, let us know and we can help.
  11. Yes, we will mix your already recorded tracks. In fact, we love mixing for DIY clients to help them get the most out of the recording that they have been able to produce themselves. Skimping here can hurt the fans.
  12. Friends or family coming in for the session is dependent on the project. Please ask first. Also realize if they are present, they are your responsibility. It will often make the recording process take quite a bit longer from the distractions. Buy hey, we won’t complain if you want to pay us while you guys talk about Halo.
  13. You are absolutely welcome to take pictures or video! Capture the moments of your creation. These memories will last you a lifetime.
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