Want your music or performance to be what it was meant to be?

Congratulations on finding Green Light Studios! If you are looking for the drab and melancholy “we only care about your money” studio… this isn’t the one for you. But if you want somewhere that wants to help bring your music and performance to the peak and help you build your song into what it was meant to be… well, now you’ve come to the right place. Our owner and main engineer/producer, Josh Holland has plenty of experience not only helping bands find their sound, but also plays many of the same instruments and can help you get the most out of your craft. The best ones for us are the ones that can understand where we want to go and help guide us there. That is our goal. We offer a free 30 minute consultation, so call or message us now to discuss your project!

Definitions in Parenthesis:
• P – Producer
• E – Engineer
• M – Mixing
• MA – Mastering
• SM – Session Musician


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