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“Thank God for The Subterranean Jack!” one would read if they skimmed through an L.A. WEEKLY. Just when you thought all new music was hopeless, a band comes along that will leave you gasping “The best two man band I’ve ever seen! I closed my eyes and heard four band members. You cannot tell there is only two of them. It’s amazing!!!”

Vancouver, Washington’s own The Subterranean Jack has finally given music what it needed. A CHANGE. They have truly invented a new form of music. A difficult goal to accomplish in today’s music industry. The band’s popularity comes from their originality, and the mix has created a sound unmatched by any other, a true escape for the mind. The very purpose of music in the first place is to take the listener on a journey. A lost talent that few bands neither understand nor live by.

Drew Arno’s gemini of operatic rage and soft dramatic scales move you, while your body feels the thunder of the bass he plays whilst he sings. And kept in time by his unmatched technical skill, Mark Salinas mixes alternative funk , afro-cuban, and world beat drumming to take the mind on a voyage of musical ecstasy, together making The Subterranean Jack an all out attack on the senses. A very full and powerful sound. Audibly Beautiful, Extremely Hypnotizing, and Simply Unforgettable. I Love The Subterranean Jack!

The Subterranean Jack:

– Drew Arno – Bass, Vocals
– Mark Salinas – Drums



The Dance Of The Goat


The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Abnormal Psychology


Current Tour Dates:

Friday 12/11/2015 @ The Brickhouse in Vancouver WA.

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